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Posi-Products –

25 Posi-Twist® wiring connectors for new car stereo lines

Product description:
Posi-Products connectors help make your electrical connections fast, easy, and reliable with no crimping, soldering, or messy tape. Just strip your stranded wires, insert them in the caps, and then hand tighten the two caps together – the wire ends get locked between opposing cone shapes to create a water-, dirt-, vibration-, and heat-proof housing. You get a strong, low-resistance electrical connection, and you can reuse the connectors, too. Posi-Twist connectors replace old-fashioned wire nuts and crimp caps with stronger, more reliable connections. This package contains 25 twist connectors for 18- to
26-gauge wires.

Quick & Easy
For 18-26 gauge wires
Pack of 25

Item model number: 608

Size: 18-26 awg

Weight: 1oz

Please refer to the Installation page for directions, more info, and Contact for inquiries or support

Additional information

Weight.5 oz
Dimensions4 × 2 × 1 in


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