Honda OEM Amplifier Harness v2


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Honda OEM Amplifier Harness v2

  • Harness connects the factory Honda amplifier and speaker lines.
  • Retains factory speaker system  functionality and integrates aftermarket high level speaker inputs
  • Audio system balance, fade, and center channel control are untouched
  • 20cm total cable length between the male and female connectors
  • 10cm spliced cabling from each output on the factory amplifier output

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Please refer to the Installation page for directions, more info, and Contact for inquiries or support

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3 reviews for Honda OEM Amplifier Harness v2

  1. Ben Gonzalez

    I want to personally thank you for your product. It works on 9th generation civic amps with the premium audio system. You’re a lifesaver, your work and product helped me out with harness/connector replacement. Cheers.

  2. Mac_Daddy

    The v.2 harness was what was definitely needed. Worked and connected as it should.
    I did a previous 5-channel front stage build without this harness (with an audiocontrol D5.1300 dsp/amp combo) on a coupe routing new wires to the door speakers and rear speakers. It took a pain staking extra day or 2 just to get those new wires in. This harness definately saved me 2 days on another build (same dsp/amp) by instead being able to use the factory wires already there and just amping those up using a couple set of 9-wire. To make the install even easier I went ahead and just ‘posilocked’ everything to connect the wires rather than solder just incase I made a mistake on the signal I needed or decide to change source signal later on. Overall I definately recommend the harnesses. Thanks man.

  3. ilipac

    Finally installed! Civic hatchback sport touring (or type r)

    my setup:
    Rockford fosgate p300-12 powered subwoofer
    kicker 47 KEYLOC

    I used the v2 harness, made it SO SIMPLE to install.

    I have a wire from my battery with A fuse that runs down through the hood release grommet to the trunk.

    power goes to the sub then jumps to my LOC

    yellow and black wires from harness to trunk.

    i tapped into the 12v socket for turn on for the LOC and remote turn on for the sub. So both the LOC and sub only turn on when the car starts.

    thank you for the dope harness and all the help you gave along the way!

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