Improve your Honda sound system with an amplifier wiring harnesses! Our Honda speaker and subwoofer wiring harness retains factory speaker systems functions and expands compatibility to aftermarket components.

Getting usable speaker output from the Honda head unit was difficult. Modern cars integrate most dashboard and system functions into the OEM head unit making it hard to upgrade or replace. In order to solve the system integration issue, CivicX forum members spliced factory wiring or installed t-taps at each speaker output. Either outcome ends with permanent cuts, disabling the existing speakers lines or a mess of t-taps. After experiencing this issue and wanting a more elegant plug and play solution, we came up with our speaker and subwoofer wiring harness.

Harness v1 – The Samples

We drafted the v1 harness after tracking down the OEM Honda part supplier.


The v1 sample batch had the minimum outputs to get hi, mid, and low frequencies. This iteration had a single output from each frequency and wasn’t able to retain L/R balance.

Harness v2 – The Essential Honda Harness

After learning from the sample batch, we did a production order for the v2 harness. This harness has more outputs and enables channel summing. The v2 harnesses have all line cavities and are able to also retain L/R balance. Having all outputs also enables channel summing to an aftermarket DSP. We also ordered individual connectors for DIY harnesses based off community feedback.


The v2 harness also addresses the biggest issue with integrated head units, preprocessed output. Factory head unit output preserves the OEM sound system by tapering bass output at higher volumes. Processing at the head unit also dedicates output to specific frequency ranges. For example, the front speaker outputs include high and mid frequency bands, but don’t include any of the low subwoofer range. Having outputs from each speaker line allows aftermarket signal correction, summing, and processing.


DriveAccord and CR-V have confirmed the Civic amplifier model is shared across the 2016+ Honda platforms. The current 11th gen Civic is also compatible but the installation process is a bit different.

Head over to the Installation page for a guide on Honda speaker and subwoofer harness installation and let us know if you have any questions or comments on the Contact page. We’re still active on the CivicX audio threads if you want to reach out there as well. Stay safe and be good!